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It is said that it takes twenty one days in order to change something about your daily routine so that it feels natural. I figure since the new year is coming upon us, why not start now and just maintain my goals once the new year hits? There are undoubtedly a lot of things I would like to change about myself, but mostly small things that I think I can handle.

1. Work out at least three times a week.
2. No snoozing when my alarm goes off.
3. Take 1 hour lunches away from my desk everyday.
4. Read at least 30 minutes a day.
5. No working past 7:30PM. No working on weekends.
6. Eat fast food no more than once a week. 
7. Go to bed before 11:00PM Sunday-Thursday night. 12:00AM Friday and Saturday nights.
8. Wake up before 9:30AM on weekends.
9. Eat breakfast everyday.

Of course, I really have 27 days to practice these things, so I hope not to get discouraged if I fall off the horse between now and the end of the year.

In other news, I did get a new cell phone and I love it. Although I think I'm getting too addicted to Tetris, so that may be a problem. I used to have an iPhone 3GS, and I think I like the android platform a little more. Maybe I just got too used to the Apple layout and I felt I needed a change. Now I have the Samsung Galaxy IIs.
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